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This is just a little info about each band that played in 2007. Here is some history about their relationship with Rod.

Each musician has their own memories of Rod and remember different things about him. This is what I know about each of the shows scheduled this year.

Craig Campbell - Craig is a long time friend to Rods. They attended High School together and continued to be great friends right up until the accident.  Craig is a solo artist who enjoys playing around the Pittsburgh area. Craig is going to start playing at 12:30 to get us going this year. If you were at last years show then you might have seen him there. This is Craig’s 2nd year supporting us


Dirty Mountain Trio - Matt, Mark and Tom are all close friends of Rods. I believe each of them had played music with Rod in some way or another. I know Tom had been in a few of the bands Rod was part of in the Jamestown area. Matt and Mark both have been playing together for a number of years, though they had to take short breaks because of distance issues, they are back together and ready to jam. This time they have a third person added to their Duo (Tommy) and I am excited to see them all together. This is the 2nd year DMD has supported us and a first as DMT. This show is set for 2:00 so come on out and see them perform, I'm sure you will enjoy it, I always do!!


RnD - If you don't know who these folks are, then you'd better do your homework! RnD have been playing for a number of years and continue to share their passion for music with friends and family around the area. While playing at this show they add Chris on the violin and Sean as an extra guitar/vocalist (hey, that's me!) They enjoy playing some classics as well as a few originals. They will also be playing a few of Rods original songs, so this is a must see! As organizers of this event we are also 2 for 2. This show is scheduled for 3:30


Deuble & Vogan - This Duo has been playing for a number of years and both knew Rod well. They have some great original CDs that I recommend you look into adding to your library. They support us tremendously every year and have a great time sharing their music with us all. They are a 2nd year vet to our line up and are scheduled for a 5:00 start time. BE THERE!


Harbour Knights - Do you like Buffet? This is a must see show that will get you dancing in no time! This duo rocks to the rhythm of Jimmy Buffet with a bit of humor. If you haven't seen this show yet you'd better plan on getting there for this one and be sure to ask Sir James  & Sir Dave about thier "Live at ?" CDs. This is their 2nd year supporting us and is scheduled to start at 6:30.


Jackson Rohm – You might want to go back under your rock if you don't know Jackson! Jackson is a long time friend of Rods who is a tremendous supporter of ours!! Rod would play drums with Jackson when he returned home to Jamestown for some shows on his tour. Jackson travels the country playing his music and has four original CDs that are a MUST HAVE!!!! Jackson is rapidly becoming a successful solo artist and we are proud to have him on our line up! Jackson is scheduled for 8:00 to finish out the night for us. This is Jackson’s 2nd year supporting us and we appreciate him taking the time out of his hectic schedule to help. Don't be late for this show!!!


Cindy Haight - Cindy is a local favorite in the community, and is a long time friend of Rods. She has been a huge supporter of this event since the start and we were finally able to ask her to join us on stage. She showed no hesitation and volunteered her time to make this years show even more enjoyable. If you haven't seen her playing around town yet, then you cannot afford to miss this show. Come on out to see her show, you'll love it!!!!

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"Somewhere on a Midnight Breeze a Drummer plays in fields of Green" RWW

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